Focus Capital Advisors, Inc (FCA) is comprised of a talented team of dealmakers that are proud to have closed over 200 transactions during their respective careers. Our highly skilled professionals provide clients with powerful strategies for optimizing the value of each transaction. This is accomplished through creative tax strategies, solid industry experience and the ability to solve problems to get the deal done. Many of our clients have built very good companies with solid products or services, good technologies and hard working people but turning all of that into cash or greater value requires extensive business, finance and tax knowledge. The FCA team has the experience and systems to make that happen.

Every business with a growth plan can achieve its goals faster, and with more certainty, through a Strategic Acquisition program. For our buy-side clients, FCA can research and locate solid acquisition targets that can bring revenue, new products or services and talented people that can result in a significant increase in value to the acquiring business. We can help arrange the financing to make it all work. And our many years of dealmaking experience along with practical industry knowledge can help avoid the deals you should not make.

The Sale of a business begins with a thorough analysis of tangible and intangible values as well as the tax knowledge to guide the negotiations into best transaction for the Seller, yet a transaction that will be attractive to the buyer. Understanding the potential problems early in the process avoids a lot of wasted time and the premature release of sensitive company information. Finding the right buyer is also critical to the process, and we bring the industry knowledge and skills required to make that happen. Every sell-side project we undertake includes our best expectation of value before any marketing begins.

Using the methods we have developed over the last thirty years we can help you select the strategic direction that will optimize the value the business to ownership. This could include the evaluation of strategic acquisitions, possible strategic partnerships with access to capital and new sources of financing or the decision that this is the right time to turn your hard work into cash.

An acquisition, sale or just planning to get the most out of you investment can benefit from a second opinion to refine business strategies, find new opportunities and support the management team to greater levels of success. The FCA team includes proven winners in the business world and consulting profession. This combination of talent and commitment, with a quality consulting practice orientation, can certainly help you achieve your goals sooner than you may think.



Featured Opportunities
Specialized Cleaning and Disaster Remediation Company

This profitable Midwest based Company was established in 2000 to provide cleaning services and specialized disaster cleanup. Today this company generates annual revenues around $15 Million in repeat business from a diverse customer base. Services include window cleaning, construction clean up and disaster recovery (mold remediation, demolition, water extraction, and structure cleaning). 

Private Equity Investor seeks Chemical Investments

A well-capitalized Private Equity firm with a strong history of successfully investing in manufacturing and distribution companies, retained us to help them locate new investment opportunities. Our client is currently working with an executive with proven experience. This executive is well–networked and possesses a strong industry knowledge and hands-on experience. We are targeting Companies with Revenues between $10 million and $100 million in the greater Chicago area. 


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